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Hey there friends!


my grandfather Yiannis Belonitis is the man responsible for all the generations of knowledge passed down to my mom, Dia Kalloniatis, and she then to us, her sons.  Unfortunately he wasn’t blessed with a long life per say. He passed away at only 51 years young. In that time however he left an indelible mark on his family and community. I was told he would often feed the entire neighborhood right out of his own kitchen at his house. He was a master chef and worked as such for the King of Greece, King Pavlos.

I’ve heard about the memoirs of my

 grandfather just whipping up all sorts of amazing dishes and sauces. Naturally this would happen at his work but it did not end at work he loved to cook at home as well. Those are the times that he would teach his children his craft. Mom absorbed everything he showed her and he would often tell her that she has in many ways surpassed him. And that he knew that she would do so in all facets one day. Mom was an amazing student as you all have tasted. Mom is also an incredible teacher as well. She has taught us everything we know and we hope to be as great as her and our Grandfather one day!

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