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OPEN mon.-sun. 4pm-10pm

starting lunch march 14th

Delivery, Beer & wine coming soon!



They are poetry in motion in a sea of beautiful colors! Freshest lettuces, juiciest tomatoes and veggies, perfectly aged cheeses and legendary handcrafted dressings make ours unequalled in taste! So feel free to experience your fork plunging deep into that sea of crispy, juicy, oh so zesty array of salad land amazingness!

our story



A pizza pie of unparallel quality! Only the finest ingredients, herbs, and spices go into every work of art we create for you. From the freshest, richest cheeses, prime meats, the plumpest, delicious, ripe tomatoes, to the fluffy, crunchy, light, chewy crust. Go ahead take that mouth watering bite and as your senses are stormed with the tantalizing aromas and flavors you’ll understand why eating our pizza pies makes you feel like you’re on a wonderful Holiday! Have one every day!



These are the perfect examples of what urban legends have been made from. The sauces handed down through the generations have been known to make a grown man cry and a pregnant woman to give birth! Whether our rich, creamy alfredos or robust reds smothered over and throughout our al dente noodles, you will remember your first time twirling that fork round n round into a saucy pasta filled coil and bringing it up to your mouth, (*nods off in bliss) Holiday on Earth!…Let’s Go there now!


& Gyros


Why Grinder you say? Because these massively filled with the tastiest meats and palette pleasing veggies topped and fitted with the naughtiest dressing, creamiest provolone cheese, and toasted on artisan hoagie rolls! That’s why!



Go on celebrate! Live a little! We’re here to help… but we will Dessert you! All made with ingredients that you can pronounce and say; “hey! I recognize that seriously eye opening, mouth watering, sweet, rich, light, flaky, velvety, oh so satisfying…wait, how do you pronounce that again!”



sunday-wednesday 11am-9pm

thursday-saturday 11am-11pm

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